We have the necessary experience!

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ASF Studio has been active on the film market since 2010.
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Located in Wrocław, Poland, we worked on a variety of film projects all over Europe, in China and Brazil.
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Since 2010, ASF Studio has been involved in over 120 different film & video projects.

We make awesome films!


Cooperating with passionate filmmakers, ASF Studio strives to produce breathtaking and memorable motion pictures, perfectly fitting our clients’ needs.


We put 100% of our creativity and passion to every project and constantly push our limits in terms of technology and captivating story-telling.


Over the years, we gained experience in filming in desolate, extreme outdoor locations, while maintaining the cinematic quality of our works.


ASF Studio worked with a variety of clients – from the biggest brands of Polish cycling industry, action sport events organizers to famous musicians and artists.

We are award-winners!

  • Best Action Sport Film on National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2010 in Seattle, USA
  • Jury Award and Internet Users’ Award on Extreme Films Festival “Zajawka” 2010
  • 2nd Award and Audience Award on Bicycle Film Festival 2010 in Szklarska Poręba, Poland
  • Internet Users’ Award and Audience Award at 10 Minut Festival 2013
Jakub Klawikowski, ownerdirector of photography, editor, producer

ASF Studio was established in 2010 by Jakub Klawikowski, a BMX and MTB rider who decided to turn his passion for filming extreme bicycle riding into bussiness. Being an active cyclist and videographer, he managed to attend Wrocław Movie College “Mastershot” and gained professional knowlegde and experience in terms of cinematography, editing and film production.
Jakub is also an English studies graduate at University of Wrocław.